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Cultural Workshop
“Difendete la Bellezza! E questo il vostro unico officio.”

(Gabriele D’Annunzio)

Dear guests,
I have always thought that Culture is a common good not reserved for a few.
A right of all, that completes the existence of the man and makes him free.
In this spirit we have opened the Villa to make it a permanent and living laboratory;
a place of meeting and exchange of ideas. We are waiting for you…..
Mascia Moretti

Casa degli artisti

Don’t be surprised if you run into any artists working or relaxing, while you’re staying at the residence. Like entrepreneurs and patrons, Villa Corallo’s owners, the Di Serafino family, often host people belonging to the world of arts and, more generally, the world of culture. Every space, including the park, offers calm and creative inspiration.
Justifiably, Mark Kostabi has chosen Villa Corallo as his dwelling in Abruzzo.

Meetings and Exhibitions

Sharing knowledge is a great opportunity for everyone to grow: Di Serafino family has always been convinced of this. As industrious bees we pollinate, convinced that cultural and social events are important for the whole territory. Meetings with writers, essayists, historians, journalists to address the issues of history and current events are scheduled at any time of the year. The rooms of the noble floor, once destined for representation, host exhibitions and itineraries, to give everyone the opportunity to approach painting, sculpture and photography.

Purposes of the Foundation

The Foundation, in continuity with the ideals of the Di Serafino Family, exclusively pursues aims of social utility and promotion of economic development through interventions and activities in favor of quality of life and sustainable development, contributing to the enhancement of the identity of the communities and of the territories of Val Vibrata and Valle del Tronto and more generally of the Abruzzo and Marche regions. The Foundation, in its activity, favors the promotion and diffusion of culture and art, the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and applied arts, landscape, environment and agriculture, promotes scientific research and technological innovations also in the medical health field, youth growth and education. The Foundation, in accordance with the uninterrupted tradition of the Di Serafino Family also works in favor of volunteering and in defense of those who live in a condition of fragility and who need solidarity.