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“Strong and gentle Abruzzo”

(Primo Levi)

If you would like to explore the surroundings, discovering the historical, artistic and cultural heritage, we can suggest priceless trips.
Civitella del Tronto is a honeycombed structure town situated on a hill, cleverly preserved with its majestic fortress, second in size in whole Europe, representing the last Bourbon landmark fallen after the Unification of Italy. Don’t forget to visit also Ascoli Piceno, a jewel of a town between the Marche and Abruzzo. Its historic center, almost completely built using travertine, envelops the town with a magical atmosphere. Its artistic and architectural treasures make this town one of the most beautiful in Italy.
For lovers of nature, landscape and environment we recommend an excursion to the Gran Sasso and Monti della laga National Park. The Adriatic Sea, if of your interest, is no more than fifteen minutes drive far from Villa Corallo.