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Hard work and sustainability
Our values

Dear guests,
talking about Villa Corallo means talking about history and stories.
Telling passions and values.
The values and passions that have always been part of our family.
We are sons of the earth, genuine, industrious, dreamers, visionaries and with a big heart.
Villa Corallo is an open, inclusive and supportive community.
We would like to let you know, appreciate, taste, to relive with you the
spaces, the sensations, the flavors , the pomp, the elegance of the past time.
To represent us we chose the bee.
The bee has always been a symbol of industriousness, reciprocity,
community, but also of fruitfulness and creativity.
We create experiences and disseminate them. We are…. Villa Corallo

Sabatino, Giuseppe e Maria Rosita Di Serafino

“Un’ape or entra,
per la chioma di Iulia che l’illude.
Nell’àlveo d’un ricciolo si chiude.”

Gabriele D’Annunzio