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Sleeping under the roof
“Try to live in harmony with the rhythms of Nature. It does good. One feels stronger, we can give our best”

( Pope Francesco)

A new space, a new volume, new sensations, new emotions.
Earth and Sky meet, water and air generate Wellness and Health.
I resumed the journey and continue to discover the precious and unique treasures of this magical place. Recovering space means recovering memory, enhancing history, chasing the future.
I have tried to represent all of these values ​​in the “New Level” of Villa Corallo: the Superior Rooms, the Wellness area with the Private SPA, the Fitness Corner and personal beauty services.
Material and immaterial, earth, water, air, body and soul, nature and territory. Today I put everything back into your hands, dear guests, with the sure hope of “Living” an unforgettable experience with you.