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Wedding & Events Designer
“The heart has its reasons that reason does not know”

(Blaise Pascal)

When you are planning your wedding or a special anniversary, you always want to reserve your guests an important place.
Location and hospitality are top priorities.

Villa Corallo, situated not far from the coast of Teramo, and very near to the Marche,
is a prestigious and full of history period residence.
Surrounded by a lush, secular park and enhanced by a small romantic lake,
it’s the perfect setting for unforgettable moments.
The residence offers adaptable spaces suitable both for close ceremonies and big events.

Maria Rosita Di Serafino and her sister-in-law Mascia Moretti, together with a consolidated staff,
plan and realize weddings and special private or business events.
Their experience and creativity make sure every event is planned in great detail, in order to fulfill any of the customers requests,
and guarantee moments of pure beauty: scenic design blend with floral ornaments,
food, light design and music to give life to a real emotional and touching experience.


One of the essential elements for a successful event is definitely the banquet service. During his 30 years’ experience, our chef Piero Mozzoni has been collaborating with important local and international realities, and he is therefore able to guarantee his guests an unforgettable culinary experience: a real journey of taste, through customized menus, that are designed according to each client’s style and taste.
Mise en place & Table Design
Spiegelau glassware, Villeroy&Boch porcelain, Broggi cutlery. Maria Rosita and her sister-in-law Mascia leave nothing to chance. From the centerpiece to the tablecloth, everything can be designed and customized in order to transform your table into a real scenic component, that perfectly follows the recurring theme of the entire event. Everything is selected under their supervision, and they are the ones who personally deal with fulfilling the perfect mise en place for every single customer.
Flower Design
Flowers can be romantic and modern, can talk about far lands or passion and love. An event without flowers would turn out to be spare, either it is a wedding or a special event.
Mascia knows it well: enthusiastic and expert on flowers, she considers them one of the main important elements of a scenic design. From a minimal and small composition to real floral sculptures, the flowers and their colored paillettes become the protagonists of a unique setting, planned in every single detail, capable of carrying us into a dreaming atmosphere once again.
Cake Design
The cake represents one of the most magical and thrilling moments of the event. A scenic design especially created for that occasion, will be the frame that unveils a real coup de theater. Thanks to a team of maitre patissiers, Maria Rosita will design the perfect cake for any type of event, that will be realized by following the instructions and the taste of the customers. A real triumph of beauty and sweetness, that concludes an unforgettable day.