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Villa Corallo
“Il riposo nutre il corpo e anche l’anima è rinfrancata da esso.”


“Welcoming guests in your own home”

This is what Di Serafino’ s family adopted as their own philosophy. The discrete welcome mitigates the impact with the majestic/imposing building/dwelling, deep in a lush park where silence reigns.

During the last few years, the dwelling has been subject to a valuable restoration work which has brought the building’s ancient splendour back to light.

The restoration allowed us to rediscover the elegance of ancient settings, by enriching them with new design elements and the most innovative technologies, which make it a comfortable and operational place.

You will find style and beauty in every corner, both in the suites and in the several rooms used as break rooms, meeting rooms or rooms for cultural events.

The estate’s 80 hectars are to be fully discovered. They hide walkways in the fields, which can be ridden either on horse or by bike, and also an organic farm, which guarantees the healthiest and tastiest local cuisine.

It is not unusual to find artists at work or in search of inspiration in the secular park, since Villa Corallo is also an artist residency, a place of inspiration and creativity.
Come and visit us: you will discover a slice of heaven.

Dear guests

Welcome to our home, welcome to Villa Corallo.
It took many years to give new life to this special place.
Now that we have succeeded, we would like to further: welcome you and tell you about our history,
our territories, our values.
Successes are never such if they are not shared.
We are waiting for you.

Maria Rosita Di Serafino and Mascia Moretti

Our rooms

The villa has 7 suites inside, furnished in the style and design of the early twentieth century, you can notice William Morris wallpaper, antique solid wood furniture, contemporary design furniture and lighting. Minibar service (italian soft drinks and mineral water), espresso coffee and a selection of teas are free. The rate includes breakfast and there are no limits to consume it. Whether “Continental” breakfast or “English” one,
the waiter service is always at the table.