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The history of Villa Corallo
“Non sono né le ricchezze, né la fama degli avi a rendere grandi,
ma l’onestà e le capacità intellettuali.”


The Villa dates back to the half of the 19th century, and it was built under the will of a wealthy landowner, Giovanni Spinozzi. In fact the original name of the villa was Villa Spinozzi. In the 30s the Villa became Berardo Cerulli Irelli’s dwelling. Eventually, Di Serafino’s family, a family of business men and patrons, has owned the Villa since 2004. Its current name, Villa Corallo, might be connected to the manufacturing of coral, which used to be flourishing between the XIX and XX centuries.
The house stands out for its monumentality, its massive volumetry on four levels, and its solid and compact rectangular structure.
The luxurious decorations of its façade impress the viewer: half pilasters, moldings and heraldic symbols give the building a manneristic appearance.
On the south-west side of the villa, the little nineteenth-century private chapel represents the predominant architectural element inside the park.
On the east side, there is the colonnade which is adorned with Roman columns, and the fountain is brightened up by pretty stone puttos.
The estate is at the centre of an eight-hectare unpolluted green area, in the heart of what once used to be a wealthy rural village; the two big outbuildings that are next to the villa define a C-shaped structure.
In order to reinforce the bond to the surrounding land, the building has been erected along an ancient axis that goes through the entire structure, from north to south.
An important central courtyard, where two wide entrance halls have their entryway, trace the crossing of that axis.
Valuable conservation and restoration works have brought the ancient magnificence to light.
A special mention goes to the technological systems. The Villa is heated and cooled thanks to the recycling of biomasses of our farm.
Economy… as long as it is sustainable. Circularity by using material and intellectual resources.
Villa Corallo is all of this and even more…