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Wine cellar
C’è più filosofia in una bottiglia di vino, che in tutti i libri del mondo

(L. Pasteur)

The wine cellar of ‘Le Macine’ restaurant is where there used to be the ancient granary of the villa. This completely renovated space with rib vaults, characterized by a constant temperature both in summer and in winter, with the average of 16-18 degrees Celsius and the humidity level between 70-90%, preserves precious wines mainly from Italy and Europe. The selection of wines is connected with the philosophy of restaurant ‘Macine’, with an emphasis on clearness and agreeableness, as well as the standing out dinkability of younger wines. A net of relations, connected to little quality producers allow to put famous labels with less famous bottles, but still interesting. Important is the focus on Italy and in particular on Abruzzo.


A wine route inspired by the territory

A wine-growing project born out of respect for a “agricultural knowledge” of the past, with the aim of restoring identity to crops, such as that of vines, once neglected, in this magnificent and unique area of Italy.


Road to Montepulciano and Trebbiano:

Our wine class is focused on the hills of Colonnella, Controguerra, Corropoli and Torano, representing one of the most important wine areas in Abruzzo.
While being guided in tasting these great wines, we will talk about history, peculiarities and anecdotes belonging to small and big wine cellars.


In recent decades the quality of Montepulciano docg has found great recognition, with the production of important wines, body and rich in perfumes.
It is difficult to equate tasting experiences because the vines change from hilly to mountainous areas, from the time of evolution in the bottle.
In general, the Montepulciano grape variety in purity gives a wine of a nice intense ruby red color.
Its aroma is vinous and fruity. In the mouth it is dry and warm, with balanced tannins, suitable for aging. It is also suitable for white wine making and the production of rosé wines for the partial maceration of the grapes in purity.

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC is made with grapes of the same name for 85% and other white grape varieties for the remaining 15%. It is the only white wine of Abruzzo to be regulated by a DOC. The same DOC requires that grapes intended for the production of wines with a registered designation of origin Trebbiano d’Abruzzo must be obtained only from vineyards situated on land suitable for quality, located in hilly areas with an altitude of not more than 500 m.a. and exceptionally 600 metres for those exposed at noon.
Soils which are not sufficiently sunny and those situated in the wet valley bottoms”shall be excluded. It is a wine with a straw-yellow color; the aroma is delicate, vinous with notes of ripe golden apple and dried fruit. The taste is dry, pungent, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.